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Discover the power of a straightline combined with an activity rewards plan.


Advertising and Commissions

Advertising and commissions go hand and hand wit Xrp Max Pro. Each time you sell a 6 month membership, you will earn referral bonuses 5 levels deep.

Our flagship product is a 6 month subscription starting at 20 XRP for the entire 6 months. Each package you purchase will credit you banner, text and login ads. Along with the advertising you will receive a 3x1 cycler and a Login Reward Pool position.

It is important to note that the 6 month subscription is a one time payment of 20 XRP and does not renew after the 6 months unless you wish to purchase another subscription.

Each time a Login Rewards Position or a 6 month subscription is purchased, referral commission are paid up 5 tiers. The 6 month subscription pays out 0.50 xrp per level up 5 levels and the login reward pool earns 2% referral bonus on each of the 5 tiers in XRP directly to your account balance wallet.

Each time you cycle the 3x1, you will receive double reentries to the 3x1 and a new position into the 2x8. The 2x8 is a company forced cycler where you earn per level in your matrix and there is a 50% matching bonus on all of your referrals 2x8 matrices. This short synopsis of our compensation plan is just the beginning. We offer double reentries and triple angel positions on 3x1 cycles as well as an LRP angel that feeds the rewards pool. For more information on the complete plan, download our Pay Plan PDF.

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Xrp Max Powerline Hybrid System

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